What We Do

Since 1969, Summit Industries has satisfied customer needs through five divisions:

  1. Automation & Control: Supplies control components and automation products to OEMs and users in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky.
  2. Parker Balston: Provides compressed air and gas filters, membrane dryers, Nitrogen gas generators, and sterile air to industrial users and OEMs in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.
  3. Solution Sales: Offers Enclosure Modification and CNC Machining services for accurate, quick-turnaround modifications as per customer requirements.
    1. Rittal Configurator: Speeds up development or modification of Enclosures
  4. Rittal IT Standalone Server Solutions: Provides integrated enclosure solutions equipped with cooling, power, monitoring, fire suppression, and accessories, designed for unconditioned spaces.
  5. Cyber Solutions: Provides consulting, development, and implementation services for integrating IoT, cloud computing and cyber security into your systems.

Summit’s tailored approach to each market, coupled with value-added assembly and technical support services, underpins its exceptional customer service.

Engineering Consultation: Book a free consultation with one of our specialists to discuss your new or pending projects.