Rittal IT Standalone Servers

Standalone IT Server Solutions

Responding to the trend to move away from massive data center storage to decentralized data servers, Summit and Rittal are proud to offer the only small standalone Data Server Enclosure systems in the world, meeting the demand for constant data flow, storage, and remote accessibility. Summit proudly presents the Rittal Standalone Edge Server Enclosure System. 

IT Servers

This is a self-contained and free-standing enclosure including all or any of the following components:

  • Power redundancy, distribution and management
  • Internet connection and back up
  • Data processing, storage and sharing
  • Program API
  • Access control
  • Temperature control and management
  • Dust protection
  • Fire protection
  • Cyber security
  • Alert monitoring and forwarding

Whether you need internet and data access at a remote manufacturing floor or require this for each hospital floor or educational classroom, Rittal offers the ideal enclosure system independent of the application software. We also provide optional door access security and data communication cybersecurity features.