Cyber Solutions

Are you familiar with terms like IoT, digital twin, preventative maintenance, predictive maintenance, predictive analytics, Data Collection, deep learning, AI, VR, Data Analytics, Dashboards, Algorithms, The Cloud, cloud computing, edge computing, Edge devices, Cybersecurity data transmission, Cybersecure data storage, and blockchain? While some of these technologies have been around for years, we’re now seeing them gain prominence. Which of these technologies do you need to protect yourself, and how do you implement this cost effectively?

At Summit, we’ve partnered with top companies in these fields to guide you from where you are to where you need to be. Whether you need an entire team to quickly get your project off the ground and into the Cloud, or simply want a mid-to-junior resource to help mitigate your workload, we can help. We offer cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Unhackable Network and Digital Asset Security

Summit’s partner Owl offers the most flexible line of data diode cybersecurity products available. Customers can choose from the appropriate hardware platform, which includes a base software package, and then select optional add-on software modules (at an additional cost) to meet their solution needs.

Owl ReCon

Digital transformation creates both opportunity and risk for today’s data-driven organizations. They are challenged with navigating the convergence of OT and IT systems, the emergence of the IoT and IIoT, and limiting or reducing the attack surfaces of their networks. As the evolution of this digital transformation unfolds and more networks and devices are connected, security concerns will only continue to grow. To address this pressing need for security, hardware-enforced data diodes have been proven time and again to protect the OT.